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Ссылка на статью в Гардиан 18 июля 2006 года о допуске голландской партии педофилов к выборам.

Еще немного к вопросу о законности партии педофилов.

Факт остается фактом: партия педофилов судом признана законной. ссылки на решение суда нет, но есть ссылка на английскую The Guardian, где подтверждается, что Голландия по-прежнему остается самой либеральной страной Европы и что партия педофилов там допущена к выборам:

Dutch court lets paedophile party contest country's general election

· Policies include legalising sex at 12 and child porn
· Judge says voters must decide on arguments
Nicholas Watt, European editor
The Guardian, Tuesday 18 July 2006
The Netherlands cemented its reputation as Europe's most socially liberal country yesterday when a new political party formed by paedophiles was told it could contest this year's general election.

A Dutch court rejected an attempt by anti-paedophile campaigners to ban the Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity party (PNVD), which wants to cut the age of consent from 16 to 12 and to legalise child pornography. "The freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly and the freedom of association should be seen as the foundations of the democratic rule of law and the PNVD is also entitled to these freedoms," the court in The Hague said in a statement.

The court declared that curbs on freedom of expression could only be applied where public order is at risk. "They [opponents of the party] only want to give expression to their moral concerns. That is far from being sufficient to outlaw a party. It is up to the voter to give a judgment on the arguments of political parties," Judge H Hofhuis was quoted by the Dutch news agency ANP as telling the court.
The ruling will be seen as a powerful example of the Netherlands' liberal approach to social issues. The country has famously relaxed views on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage.
The paedophile party will be free to stand in November's general election if it meets the usual requirements of submitting a list of candidates and providing the signatures of at least 500 supporters.

Весь текст из Гардиан

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