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USAID: история успеха. Вот так они радуются своему успеху на поприще русских детей.

Не могу удержаться, чтобы не опубликовать победоносную историю успеха!

Агентство по международному развитию при Государственном департаменте США и российская НКО "Национальный фонд защиты детей от жестокого обращения", который, по странным причинам, играет далеко не последнюю роль в политической деятельности по вопросам семьи и детства, празднуют общую победу в реализации общих программ:

история успеха юсэйд


A recent U.S.-based study tour for Russian child welfare regional government representatives was initiated by the National Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Moscow and hosted by the Institute for Human Services in Columbus, Ohio. The tour proved to be another effective step in building lasting partnerships to tackle challenges that both nations face. IHS is a leading child welfare agency in the
development and provision of competency-based training for child protection service providers in Ohio, several states,
Canada and internationally.

А nine-member Russian delegation visited a variety of programs in the state of Ohio, which has been hailed by other states and nations for success in training child welfare professionals and finding homes for hard-to-place children. High-level officials from various Russian regions came to
Columbus to witness firsthand the work being accomplished, as far as caseloads, disability issues, finances and regulations are concerned. The agenda of the tour included exploring mentoring and job training skills systems for older foster children and services designed to keep troubled families together.

“We can’t be just kind to children and give them our hearts, we need to be professional and have best practices that will help them in life,” said Alexander Spivak, NFPCC Vice-President, at a welcoming brunch at the Statehouse hosted by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, which is responsible for running the state’s child welfare and foster programs.

One more trip through the ‘A Compass for Childhood’ Program is planned in the fall, this time for specialists from Program established interregional Child Welfare Centers-of-Excellence in Buryatia, Perm, Moscow and Volgograd, and from regions assisting in dissemination of the NFPCC-developed Toolkit for Regional Planning.

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